Did you ever think that the highest appreciation for a great actor is a Hollywood Walk of Fame? Well, this probably true but there also available some famous actors, not on Hollywood Walk of Fame. You should know their name because they usually appear in some famous movies. Even the Hollywood Walk of Fame has recorded for more than 2,600 names until now, they still don’t have it yet. But there are famous actors not on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Famous actors not on hollywood walk of fame

Being a celebrity is a great job and it is so hard to be them. We will agree that the actress profession has a big pressure and they should be someone else. In other words, they should play to be someone else and it should be perfect. Should be angry, smile or crying even if they don’t want it is a big deal. So this is natural if they got a big appreciation. But, here are some famous actors not on Hollywood Walk of Fame you probably don’t know.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Who doesn’t know about this famous actor? Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor that has played some great movies before. His ability to act in movies should not in doubt anymore. However, he succeeds in playing the main role in Titanic, the famous film in forever. On the other hand, he also a film producer and he is one of the actors that gets the highest paid in the decade. Unfortunately, until this day we still can’t see his name on the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

2. Julia Roberts

Well, this is the next famous actor not on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Julia Roberts. When she was a child, she never wondering to be famous in Hollywood movies industries. However, her first success is gained on Pretty Girl, the famous film in 1990 which success gets more than $464 million. She has won a lot of appreciation in the different nominations. Sadly even she is such a talented actor, she doesn’t have a name on Walk of Fame yet.

3. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood was born 89 years ago and it still is one old man in some famous films. He is a big actor that gained a lot of appreciation in different nominations. On the other hand, this actor has played so many different genres like action, thriller, or comedy. Many people know that Clint Eastwood is such a big actor in Hollywood industries. But I don’t know why he doesn’t appear in Hollywood Walk of Fame until this day.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is an American actress that successfully gained a lot of world appreciation. We know her as the main character on Lara Croft and no one can replace her. However, she also works as a director, producing a film, and screenwriting, such a talented girl. Above all, she still cares about humanities in this world even she was a famous actress. But, we still can’t see his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yet.

Well, those are 4 famous actors not on Hollywood Walk of Fame until this day. It shows us that not every famous person can write their name on there. But we should not have regretted some actors, not on the Walk of Fame. Just see them from another side, from how they playing their role as a movie character.