Did you know that the biggest movie industries in this world are not Hollywood in America? Maybe people know Hollywood because they are famous but the biggest movie industry is Bollywood. However, Bollywood will serve you with some almost dance scene with drama. Outside there, available many best Bollywood movies you should watch.

Best bollywood movies you should watch

Here we will try to write down some of the best Bollywood movies you should watch. Not only a drama, but there are also available some action films with a great plot and marvelous scene. Above all, those films will entertain you and can be perfect choices to kill your boring.

1. Lakshya

Lakshya is an action film with a lot of war and a thrilling scene. You should see this film without skip any scene there because everything is good. However, this film will teach us that it is okay to put ourselves in the first place before others. Also, forget what others thinking about you because it just makes you hampered to do something great.

2. 3 Idiots

This film will make our brains remember what the educational system does on us yesterday. It will make you think twice from the simple example like the multiple of 12. Our education system still emphasizes learning and remember, not understanding. However, you will realize that our educational system has a lot of flaws from the past. It also shows you to get that education is not only about high grades and degrees.

3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

This film has a mind-blowing scene with an unbelievable plot twist. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag will uncover your comfortable zone and shows you just a lazy person. Also, you will realize that when you are 25, this world is just a mess and has no meaning. But this film will inspire you to keep going no matter what you faced. Give your time to trying and struggle to catch every dream and make it real.

4. Rockstar

Every people who had a big dream to be a superstar will be related to this film. Rockstar has a storyline about someone who feels love and pain at once to music. He is a talented singer who carries all the pain just to find a feeling of peace in his life. We will carry away with every scene because all of us have the same feeling as the main character. It is okay to carry pain and disappointment alone but keep going and you will find peace eventually.

5. Wake Up Sid

We usually ask what we wanted to do in life or is our choice right. It is a question that only answered by yourself and will never disappear as long as we live. It haunts us like a scary ghost that we always avoid, especially when we have a big choice we can’t pull back. Wake Up Sid will give some enlightenment for us to realize our talents and our liking.

So there are 5 of the best Bollywood movies you should watch. You may have a different movie taste and you may get doubt with those movies. But I will highly recommend you to watch those films because its amazing. There available many more great Bollywood movies you can watch, just search and find them.