For fans of drama series, of course, it’s no stranger to watching Chinese dramas. Although the Korean drama series is more famous, for the Chinese drama is no less exciting.  Many beautiful actors and artists play characters in the Chinese drama series.  Even the plot is very interesting.  Here are 5 of the famous Chinese drama series, which are:

1. Love 020

One of the famous Chinese drama series is Love 020. This is the most famous drama in China.  Because beautiful actresses and handsome actors portray the characters in this drama.  Not only that, this drama is a love comedy genre of students on campus.  Uniquely carries the theme of the game.

This drama tells the story of a student named Weiwei and a student named Xiao Nian, they fall in love.  Because they are both game lovers, they make love in a game called the Chinese Ghost Game.  Their love story continues in the real world.

2. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

As a series of modern Chinese drama, this drama is quite popular, especially among drama lovers. This drama is very popular among teenagers because it tells the campus life of student romance that becomes its seasoning, the life of students who are facing the final project and the thrill of looking for an internship.

Beautiful actress Xing Fei and handsome actor Lin Yi are the main actors in this Chinese drama series. This story is very interesting when Situ Mo apprenticed and rented an apartment, where Ling Yi who is the male lead in the drama is the son of the apartment owner where Situ Mo lives.  Some events make them disagree, but eventually, they fall in love with each other.

3. Boss And Me

The drama series that has quite a lot of fans is Boss And Me.  This drama draws a story from a novel by Gu Man, who is equally famous.  Thus, this drama became one of the famous Chinese drama series.

Boss and me starring Zao Liying and Hans Zhang as the main cast.  Set in an office setting.  This drama tells the story of a female employee with her boss.  This drama is more exciting because of the romantic comedy genre.

4. The Brightest Star In The Sky Drama Series

The brightest star in the sky drama series is one of the best dramas series in China. It has a pretty good rating.   Become favorite because it shows top stars in China.

This drama has a music genre and music industry background.  The drama tells the story of a male singer, who has a personal assistant named Zhen Yang Yang, who both love music.  This drama is spiced with love, obsession, and ideals.

5. Meteor Garden

The next from this famous Chinese drama series list is Meteor Garden. This drama series was once popular in 2001. Meteor Garden is the title of a Taiwanese drama series.  This drama series lifts stories from Japanese comics that are quite well known.  China remixed this drama with the same characters and storylines.  Amazingly, this drama is still a famous drama series.

This drama tells the story of a poor girl who goes to an elite campus in her city.  Because of her beauty, the girl was able to attract the hearts of the boys who owned the campus foundation.  This drama is very romantic with a background of student love on campus.  Therefore, you must watch this drama series.

Those are some explanations about the drama series. Thus, you may know about the famous Chinese drama series. As a reference, for those of you who love drama.  Thus, you have to watch everything, to enrich the collection of the drama film.