There is a different sensation when you watch the apocalypse movie. The storyline strikes your nerve in every single scene. For example, when you are enjoying the story about the end of the world, you will feel real at the same time. Your imagination takes part at that moment. Thus, a film about apocalypse is loved just like horror, romantic, or action ones. Because it offers a certain sense for the viewers.

The other reason why film about apocalypse is popular due to human nature that loves seeing the destruction. Indeed it seems strange, but, in fact, that statement is true. The stressed crowd, the awful city, the bomb everywhere, and something like that is amazed by people. That is why this genre won’t let your eyes move even for one second. If you are curious about what apocalypse movies that many people watch, here we have the list below:

1. A Quiet Place (2018)

This movie fits for your family time because the story shows how a family survives with no sound at all. Once they make a sound, their life is in danger. You might think that it is a horror movie. But when you watch it, the movie shows more than a jump scare. The end of the story will amaze you, so, our advice is just ready for every breathtaking moment.

2. Bird Box (2018)

Do you want to see how a mother is struggling for her life and her children? Then, you should watch this movie absolutely! There is a mysterious creature which once you see it, you want to kill your self. No one understands why it happens. But that is not the point, because your job is saving your self without seeing anything around.

3. Carriers (2009)

Some of the apocalypse movies talk about the zombie. But, here, you will find a different sensation from a zombie movie. Carriers’ movie talks about the zombie without a zombie inside. Are you confused? Hold on. In the first scene, you will see how the virus contaminates human life. Then, the story goes on with a group of friendly people face this situation.

4. I am Legend (2007)

This movie is very impressive due to the main star and its storyline. Will Smith and his loyal dog must find a cure for the outbreak. There is a virus that turns people into violent. Watch his journey in finding the vaccine. Prepare yourself for every surprise from the scenes.

5. The Matrix (1999)

Do not underestimate this movie because it is one of the inspirational ones in the nineties. Its scene influences the improving scenes for the other next movies. However, those movies cannot replace the success of this robotic movie. Imagine how amazing this movie at that time.

Zombie, alien, and the story about the end of the world are just pieces of film about apocalypse. Each storyline gives you a certain sensation. So, that is why many people love this movie for their weekend. But, if you want inspiration for the world in the future, probably this genre could show a little bit picture of it.