Nowadays, we can enjoy many awesome movies not only in cinema but in wherever we want. The technological advance helps us reach an easier life than ever before. One of the best inventions in this world is the internet and its device. We can enjoy many good movies with the internet on the application, Netflix. However, have you ever wonder what is the best mystery series on Netflix?

Netflix is the biggest streaming films and series in this world. You can enjoy any films in this application with only pay per month without any limit. One of the best content on Netflix is the series where you can not find them anywhere else. However, there available many genres in this application like mystery, sci-fi, or romance. Here are some of the best Mystery series on Netflix you can enjoy!

1. Sherlock

Who doesn’t know about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective character in his novel, Sherlock Holmes? The novel now has film adaptation and you can enjoy it in 13 different episodes with 4 seasons on Netflix. However, this film has reached a rating of 9.2/10 because it depends on all aspects. You can enjoy how Sherlock Holmes complete all the cases with his brilliant thinking.

2. Broadchurch

Another mystery series on Netflix you should ever watch is Broadchurch. This series has a storyline about the detectives who want to find who is the murderer behind the young boy dead. This case brings the detective into a long journey with emotionally fluctuated. Above all, these mystery series succeed to reach the rating in 8.4/1o with its 24 episodes in 3 seasons.

3. Twin Peaks

If you want to enjoy the storyline of the small city with a lot of different cases, you can enjoy this one. Twin Peaks will bring you to focus on a small city where the detective against the murder. Not only about killing series or detective, but this film will also remind you about the conspiracy theory. Above all of its success, this film had 2 seasons with 30 different cases and episodes.

4. Jericho

Have you ever wonder about coming back to your hometown because the big war will attack him? Well, you may see half of your imagination in this film with real effects and awesome take. This mystery series is available in two different seasons with different storylines too. Make sure you watch the first season because this is the explanation about the story behind crowded situation.

5. Dark

Another best mystery series on Netflix but did not popular you should watch is Dark. This mystery series will make you think that this film is made with the legend. You may feel related to the story that this film tries to tell in every scene. However, this film will make you enjoy the cinema like you seeing genre drama. But you don’t need to be boring because we all respect your kindness to still with us.

You can get a lot of unique and great films in this application without worry about additional charges. You can handle all of them together and try to find the right solution. Enjoy your holiday without going nowhere and all of these recommendations about mystery series on Netflix.