The Best Romantic Movies for Spring during Quarantine

Feeling lonely and sad? Then you might want to find the best romantic movies for spring to accompany you in your quarantine days. Various people are staying inside their house spending their time either playing video games, making handicrafts, cooking, or watching movies online. 

If you like romance movies then this year’s movie won’t disappoint you. Stay tuned with the best romantic movies for spring list below.

1. To All The Boys I Love: P.S I Still Love You

To all young lovers who like sweet and fluffy romance, then this movie is the perfect choice for you. The first part of the movie named To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before became instantly popular on Netflix during 2018. Lara Jeans played by Lana Condor and her lover Peter Kavinsky played by Noah Centineo. 

 The second part tells us a story about Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s relationship as lovers, additionally, another contestant for Lara Jeans arrived. A handsome man named John Ambrose McClaren appeared to steal her heart. 

2. The Photographs 

If you want to feel emotional and melancholic, then try this movie The Photographs. Starring Isa Rae, an insecure star. Issa Rae will try to connect with Lakeith Stanfield in this genuine romance drama. The insecure star, even with a handsome face kept his heart closed from everyone, while Ayanna is a 17-years old girl who is about to embark on a new college life. 

3. Stargirl

The star from Good Doctor, Graham Verchere now makes his debut with Grace VanderWaal as the main character in Stargirl. This movie was adapted from an award-winning novel about two teenagers learning about each other and themselves in the process. Overall, this movie will be suitable for people who seek for youth fresh romance. 

4. After We Collided

This movie was adapted from Harry Styles fanfiction, it is said that this movie adaptation is similar to the Fifty Shades of Grey series. The critics can say whatever they want, but this movie is apparently popular among teenagers. This steamy romance movie is great for those who like Fifty Shades of Grey. 

5. Chemical Hearts

Chemical Hearts starring Lili Reinhart as the leading protagonist in this lovely romance movie. This movie is adapted from a best selling novel called Our Chemical Hearts, Krystal Sutherland novel. This movie tells us about college life and journalism passion mixed into one. If you’re happened to be a colleague or campus student, then surely this movie will surprise and infatuate you.

6. Ammonite 

Ammonite is an LGBTQ romance story starring Kate Winslet as a Victorian-era fossil hunter. Her love interest Saoirse Ronan will spice the loving relationship between them. Additionally, the author of God’s Own Country is helping with the production of this movie. 

If you’re looking for a fresh new experience of romance, then consider putting this movie in your wishlist. Here is the list of the best romantic movies for spring to fill your quarantine life. Ask your quarantine buddy to watch these great romantic movies with you while relaxing on a nice comfy sofa.

Best Film About Apocalypse That Most People Watch

There is a different sensation when you watch the apocalypse movie. The storyline strikes your nerve in every single scene. For example, when you are enjoying the story about the end of the world, you will feel real at the same time. Your imagination takes part at that moment. Thus, a film about apocalypse is loved just like horror, romantic, or action ones. Because it offers a certain sense for the viewers.

The other reason why film about apocalypse is popular due to human nature that loves seeing the destruction. Indeed it seems strange, but, in fact, that statement is true. The stressed crowd, the awful city, the bomb everywhere, and something like that is amazed by people. That is why this genre won’t let your eyes move even for one second. If you are curious about what apocalypse movies that many people watch, here we have the list below:

1. A Quiet Place (2018)

This movie fits for your family time because the story shows how a family survives with no sound at all. Once they make a sound, their life is in danger. You might think that it is a horror movie. But when you watch it, the movie shows more than a jump scare. The end of the story will amaze you, so, our advice is just ready for every breathtaking moment.

2. Bird Box (2018)

Do you want to see how a mother is struggling for her life and her children? Then, you should watch this movie absolutely! There is a mysterious creature which once you see it, you want to kill your self. No one understands why it happens. But that is not the point, because your job is saving your self without seeing anything around.

3. Carriers (2009)

Some of the apocalypse movies talk about the zombie. But, here, you will find a different sensation from a zombie movie. Carriers’ movie talks about the zombie without a zombie inside. Are you confused? Hold on. In the first scene, you will see how the virus contaminates human life. Then, the story goes on with a group of friendly people face this situation.

4. I am Legend (2007)

This movie is very impressive due to the main star and its storyline. Will Smith and his loyal dog must find a cure for the outbreak. There is a virus that turns people into violent. Watch his journey in finding the vaccine. Prepare yourself for every surprise from the scenes.

5. The Matrix (1999)

Do not underestimate this movie because it is one of the inspirational ones in the nineties. Its scene influences the improving scenes for the other next movies. However, those movies cannot replace the success of this robotic movie. Imagine how amazing this movie at that time.

Zombie, alien, and the story about the end of the world are just pieces of film about apocalypse. Each storyline gives you a certain sensation. So, that is why many people love this movie for their weekend. But, if you want inspiration for the world in the future, probably this genre could show a little bit picture of it.

Best Mystery Series On Netflix You Should Watch

Nowadays, we can enjoy many awesome movies not only in cinema but in wherever we want. The technological advance helps us reach an easier life than ever before. One of the best inventions in this world is the internet and its device. We can enjoy many good movies with the internet on the application, Netflix. However, have you ever wonder what is the best mystery series on Netflix?

Netflix is the biggest streaming films and series in this world. You can enjoy any films in this application with only pay per month without any limit. One of the best content on Netflix is the series where you can not find them anywhere else. However, there available many genres in this application like mystery, sci-fi, or romance. Here are some of the best Mystery series on Netflix you can enjoy!

1. Sherlock

Who doesn’t know about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective character in his novel, Sherlock Holmes? The novel now has film adaptation and you can enjoy it in 13 different episodes with 4 seasons on Netflix. However, this film has reached a rating of 9.2/10 because it depends on all aspects. You can enjoy how Sherlock Holmes complete all the cases with his brilliant thinking.

2. Broadchurch

Another mystery series on Netflix you should ever watch is Broadchurch. This series has a storyline about the detectives who want to find who is the murderer behind the young boy dead. This case brings the detective into a long journey with emotionally fluctuated. Above all, these mystery series succeed to reach the rating in 8.4/1o with its 24 episodes in 3 seasons.

3. Twin Peaks

If you want to enjoy the storyline of the small city with a lot of different cases, you can enjoy this one. Twin Peaks will bring you to focus on a small city where the detective against the murder. Not only about killing series or detective, but this film will also remind you about the conspiracy theory. Above all of its success, this film had 2 seasons with 30 different cases and episodes.

4. Jericho

Have you ever wonder about coming back to your hometown because the big war will attack him? Well, you may see half of your imagination in this film with real effects and awesome take. This mystery series is available in two different seasons with different storylines too. Make sure you watch the first season because this is the explanation about the story behind crowded situation.

5. Dark

Another best mystery series on Netflix but did not popular you should watch is Dark. This mystery series will make you think that this film is made with the legend. You may feel related to the story that this film tries to tell in every scene. However, this film will make you enjoy the cinema like you seeing genre drama. But you don’t need to be boring because we all respect your kindness to still with us.

You can get a lot of unique and great films in this application without worry about additional charges. You can handle all of them together and try to find the right solution. Enjoy your holiday without going nowhere and all of these recommendations about mystery series on Netflix.

5 Famous Chinese Drama Series You Might Want To Consider To Watch

For fans of drama series, of course, it’s no stranger to watching Chinese dramas. Although the Korean drama series is more famous, for the Chinese drama is no less exciting.  Many beautiful actors and artists play characters in the Chinese drama series.  Even the plot is very interesting.  Here are 5 of the famous Chinese drama series, which are:

1. Love 020

One of the famous Chinese drama series is Love 020. This is the most famous drama in China.  Because beautiful actresses and handsome actors portray the characters in this drama.  Not only that, this drama is a love comedy genre of students on campus.  Uniquely carries the theme of the game.

This drama tells the story of a student named Weiwei and a student named Xiao Nian, they fall in love.  Because they are both game lovers, they make love in a game called the Chinese Ghost Game.  Their love story continues in the real world.

2. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

As a series of modern Chinese drama, this drama is quite popular, especially among drama lovers. This drama is very popular among teenagers because it tells the campus life of student romance that becomes its seasoning, the life of students who are facing the final project and the thrill of looking for an internship.

Beautiful actress Xing Fei and handsome actor Lin Yi are the main actors in this Chinese drama series. This story is very interesting when Situ Mo apprenticed and rented an apartment, where Ling Yi who is the male lead in the drama is the son of the apartment owner where Situ Mo lives.  Some events make them disagree, but eventually, they fall in love with each other.

3. Boss And Me

The drama series that has quite a lot of fans is Boss And Me.  This drama draws a story from a novel by Gu Man, who is equally famous.  Thus, this drama became one of the famous Chinese drama series.

Boss and me starring Zao Liying and Hans Zhang as the main cast.  Set in an office setting.  This drama tells the story of a female employee with her boss.  This drama is more exciting because of the romantic comedy genre.

4. The Brightest Star In The Sky Drama Series

The brightest star in the sky drama series is one of the best dramas series in China. It has a pretty good rating.   Become favorite because it shows top stars in China.

This drama has a music genre and music industry background.  The drama tells the story of a male singer, who has a personal assistant named Zhen Yang Yang, who both love music.  This drama is spiced with love, obsession, and ideals.

5. Meteor Garden

The next from this famous Chinese drama series list is Meteor Garden. This drama series was once popular in 2001. Meteor Garden is the title of a Taiwanese drama series.  This drama series lifts stories from Japanese comics that are quite well known.  China remixed this drama with the same characters and storylines.  Amazingly, this drama is still a famous drama series.

This drama tells the story of a poor girl who goes to an elite campus in her city.  Because of her beauty, the girl was able to attract the hearts of the boys who owned the campus foundation.  This drama is very romantic with a background of student love on campus.  Therefore, you must watch this drama series.

Those are some explanations about the drama series. Thus, you may know about the famous Chinese drama series. As a reference, for those of you who love drama.  Thus, you have to watch everything, to enrich the collection of the drama film.

Actors Who Run For The Office In Indonesia

It is not deniable, that the income of an actor is not little. Whereas, people could earn a lot of money by being an actor.  However, an actor would not always be a star forever. There would be a time that actors would shine less. That is why many actors are starting a new occupation. One of the famous ones is with being a politician. There are more and more actors who run for the office now and become a politician in Indonesia.

actors who run for the office

Being a politician was also a big income. Even though it is not as big as being an actor. Moreover, being a politician is a profession that not only actors want to be, but also regular people as well. The profession has a promising carrier and they would also have more power in the place they are a politician. Here is the list of some actors who run for the office now in Indonesia.

1. Dede Yusuf Effendi

The first actor is Dede Yusuf Effendi. He is a senior actor that is now a politician. His first step as a politician was Deputy Governor of West Java. Dede has joined the Demokrat party. In 2014, he sat on the position as the Chairperson of the IX Commission. The major of the 9th commission is about labor, population, and health. In the past when he was an actor, he had played in many famous movies. Besides an actor, he was also a presenter and a commercial star.

2. Primus Yustisio

Primus Yustisio is also one of the actors who run for the office. He was slightly gone from the television and media, becoming a politician. Primus Yustisio has become a famous starting when he was a teenager until the last previous years. He was starring in more than 15 movies. Not including the commercial and short episodes. Now, Primus has become a PAN politician. Starting from the West Java legislative and now become a DPD member.

3. Rano Karno

Rano Karno, or more know as bang Doel, is also an actor that becomes a politician. We were the governor of the Banten after Ratu Atut Choisiyah. He joined the PDI party and has joined again in the electoral in Banten in 2019. Even though he is active as a politician, Rano Karno has recently launched a new movie.

4. Eko Patrio

Another one of the actors who run for the office is Eko Patrio. In 2019, he has been chosen again to represent the PAN party to be the Indonesian DPR member. When he was active in the entertainment world, he was active as a famous actor and also a comedian.

5. Anang Hermansyah

Anang Hermansyah has also joined the political world as well. However, he is still active in the entertainment world now. Moreover, he is also active as a businessman as well. In the political world, Anang joined the PDI party since 2014.

As a conclusion, some of the actors who run for the office are still active in the entertainment world. However, they are still professional with the job they have. Finishing the task in the political world and serving the public.

Grammys Controversies Through The Years That May Shock You

Grammy Awards always attract attention from all overside. Be it the fashion of celebrities or the announcement of the winner. But, the one that is talked about the most is the controversies around Grammys. After all, people do love rumors and controversies. All over these years, there are many controversies around Grammys Awards. You may hear some of them. And bellows is the list of Grammys controversies through the years.

grammys controversies through the years

1. The Swept Rap Awards

One of Grammys controversies through the years come in 2014. In that year, there is a group of a rapper who swept all of the rap awards. They are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who won the Best Song Rap, the Best Rap Performance, and the Best Rap Album categories. Winning the Grammy Awards itself is not strange at all. Even so, controversy still floating around.

It is said that the one who should win the Best Rap Album is not the duo, but Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid Maad City. And the controversy about it does not stop at the who-they-thought-should-won-the award, instead, it spread to the duo especially Macklemore. The part of the controversy revolves at the fact that he may be more of a pop singer than pure rapper. Some of them even say that Macklemore being white was attracting attention.

2. Pro-Trump Dress

The fashion style of celebrities never fails to attract controversy. And this time comes from Joy Villa. In the recent Grammy, she always wears a dress that invites controversy. This time she wears a red dress with a white and blue cape. There is a TRUMP letter at the front of her dress. She said that she is a pro-America and conservative person when asked about the dress. This is not the only time where she wore a dress that declares her support for President Trump. And all of her dress sure became one of the controversies in Grammys.

3. No Winner in The Best Artist 1990

In the beginning, Mini Vanilli is the winner of the Best Artist category. But just a few days later, they are stripped off from their title as the winner. The reason for it that it was found out that they didn’t sing even a single note in the recording of their album. Even though Mini Vanilli is no longer a winner of the Best Artist, there is no replacement of the winner in this category. And so, in 1990 no one won the Best Artist category.

4. The Interrupted Speech 

In 2004 Evanescence won the Best New Artist Category. When they’re giving the speech, 50 Cent who lost to them suddenly barged in the stage. He then interrupted the speech by giving flash peace signs at the camera. And after that, he just headed off from the stage.

That’s all about the Grammys Controversies Through The Years. Grammys Awards are still prestigious awards that wanted by every artist. For all these years there are many artists that won the awards and the controversies that follow it. Put aside the controversies, this is one of the most attractive shows on the whole continent.

Choose Your Dream Date At Microgaming Online Casinos

The new Microgaming on the web slot Dream Date is live at online club like Big stake City, Platinum Play and Roxy Castle. One might say it has the ideal topic and highlights for Valentine’s Day. Yet, romancing thrives all the all year, so whenever is the ideal opportunity for Dream Date.

In the first place you need to make two choices. These don’t influence the payouts. In any case, they enable you to design the visuals as indicated by your own inclinations. You need to initially choose the time in which you play. The Notable period returns to when charming was an artistic work. The foundation is a nursery and the woman love and her four dates are in medieval couture. The Cutting edge period is set in a city. The romancing is quick paced with the young lady and the gentlemen in contemporary wear. You at that point pick the fantasy date from the four men. He naturally turns into the lucrative image alongside the woman. The other three dates grant marginally lower yet indistinguishable payouts. The low paying images are the four playing card suits and a circle.

The game logo grants the most noteworthy line payouts. It is additionally the wild image. At the point when it arrives on the third reel it will grow over all lines of that reel. The present for the woman love is the dissipate image. At least two of this image anyplace on the reels grant payouts increased by the all out wager. At least three disperse images trigger 8 free twists. In this element the growing wild on reel 3 likewise increases payouts 2x. The fantasy date replaces every single other date on the reels. This expands the opportunity of hitting winning mixes.

The feature highlight of Dream Date slot online is the Hot Zones include. In the base game the focal spots on reels 1 and 5 are Hot Zones. On the off chance that you land the woman and any of the ordinary dates on these two spots then the player will be granted a money prize that can be up to 40x the absolute wager. On the off chance that the woman and the fantasy date show up in the hot zones, at that point you get the money prize and 16 free twists.

Dream Date is a 243 different ways to win online slot. Subsequently you ought not anticipate high difference. The all out wager is just multiple times the line wager, which is another marker of low fluctuation. The most extreme all out wager is 300 credits, which will pull in hot shots.

48. These Famous Actors Not On Hollywood Walk Of Fame That You Would Never Believe

Did you ever think that the highest appreciation for a great actor is a Hollywood Walk of Fame? Well, this probably true but there also available some famous actors, not on Hollywood Walk of Fame. You should know their name because they usually appear in some famous movies. Even the Hollywood Walk of Fame has recorded for more than 2,600 names until now, they still don’t have it yet. But there are famous actors not on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Famous actors not on hollywood walk of fame

Being a celebrity is a great job and it is so hard to be them. We will agree that the actress profession has a big pressure and they should be someone else. In other words, they should play to be someone else and it should be perfect. Should be angry, smile or crying even if they don’t want it is a big deal. So this is natural if they got a big appreciation. But, here are some famous actors not on Hollywood Walk of Fame you probably don’t know.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Who doesn’t know about this famous actor? Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor that has played some great movies before. His ability to act in movies should not in doubt anymore. However, he succeeds in playing the main role in Titanic, the famous film in forever. On the other hand, he also a film producer and he is one of the actors that gets the highest paid in the decade. Unfortunately, until this day we still can’t see his name on the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

2. Julia Roberts

Well, this is the next famous actor not on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Julia Roberts. When she was a child, she never wondering to be famous in Hollywood movies industries. However, her first success is gained on Pretty Girl, the famous film in 1990 which success gets more than $464 million. She has won a lot of appreciation in the different nominations. Sadly even she is such a talented actor, she doesn’t have a name on Walk of Fame yet.

3. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood was born 89 years ago and it still is one old man in some famous films. He is a big actor that gained a lot of appreciation in different nominations. On the other hand, this actor has played so many different genres like action, thriller, or comedy. Many people know that Clint Eastwood is such a big actor in Hollywood industries. But I don’t know why he doesn’t appear in Hollywood Walk of Fame until this day.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is an American actress that successfully gained a lot of world appreciation. We know her as the main character on Lara Croft and no one can replace her. However, she also works as a director, producing a film, and screenwriting, such a talented girl. Above all, she still cares about humanities in this world even she was a famous actress. But, we still can’t see his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yet.

Well, those are 4 famous actors not on Hollywood Walk of Fame until this day. It shows us that not every famous person can write their name on there. But we should not have regretted some actors, not on the Walk of Fame. Just see them from another side, from how they playing their role as a movie character.

5 Best Movies To Watch During A Breakup Of All Time

What do you do after you break up with your partner? If you feel upset and sad, it’s natural. You can do many things to ease your sadness, for example watching a movie. However, you should watch the best movies to watch during a breakup.

best movies to watch during a breakup

This is because you can learn many things after breaking up through the movie. In addition, by watching movies you also feel not alone even though you have broken up with your partner. Here are the recommendations of the best movies to watch during a breakup:

1. Eat, Pray, Love

This movie tells the story of a woman’s trip to three countries. She travels to find three important things in life; food, spirituality, and life partner. Eat, Pray, Love is suitable for you who are heartbroken because it can inspire adventure or life solutions.

By watching this movie, you will not feel alone. This is because the main character, Elizabeth Gilbert is also experiencing failure in marriage with her first husband. Then, she also experienced a failed relationship with an art worker.

2. The Break-Up

This is one of the classic movies about breaking up. Hopefully, you can introspect yourself through the movie whose main character is played by Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. At the beginning of the story, you will be made to laugh because there are some funny scenes.

Then, you will think clearly about why you and your partner have to separate. In addition, you will learn that if you love someone, you must be able to accept the imperfections.

3. 500 Days of Summer

One of the best movies to watch during a breakup is 500 days of summer. The scene of falling in love and dating will be able to make you happy. However, broken scenes in this movie can make you cry overnight.

You will learn about sincerity, which is very difficult for you to do. You will also realize that everything will be okay in the end.

4. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

If you really want to forget your ex, you should watch this movie. Maybe you will be depressed, but in the end, you will realize that actually forgetting is not the answer to loss.

You will believe that remembering things is not always bad. Moreover, unpleasant memories at this time will also be memories that you can laugh at later. So, you should be able to move on while accepting the past.

5. Her

This movie has a genre of romance as well as science fiction. In addition, this movie also tells a character who has just experienced a painful breakup. The man named Theodore, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is trying to move on.

Then, he felt a romantic moment during communication with a computer Operating System (OS) that has an assistant feature. The assistant feature on the operating system is named Samantha. So, you can imagine a man who is dating a computer in thing movie.

Those best movies to watch during a breakup will teach you so many things. You will more easily move on or be more sincere in accepting the present situation. Or, you can be a better person even if you are in a breakup with your partner.

5 Best Bollywood Movies You Should Watch ASAP!

Did you know that the biggest movie industries in this world are not Hollywood in America? Maybe people know Hollywood because they are famous but the biggest movie industry is Bollywood. However, Bollywood will serve you with some almost dance scene with drama. Outside there, available many best Bollywood movies you should watch.

Best bollywood movies you should watch

Here we will try to write down some of the best Bollywood movies you should watch. Not only a drama, but there are also available some action films with a great plot and marvelous scene. Above all, those films will entertain you and can be perfect choices to kill your boring.

1. Lakshya

Lakshya is an action film with a lot of war and a thrilling scene. You should see this film without skip any scene there because everything is good. However, this film will teach us that it is okay to put ourselves in the first place before others. Also, forget what others thinking about you because it just makes you hampered to do something great.

2. 3 Idiots

This film will make our brains remember what the educational system does on us yesterday. It will make you think twice from the simple example like the multiple of 12. Our education system still emphasizes learning and remember, not understanding. However, you will realize that our educational system has a lot of flaws from the past. It also shows you to get that education is not only about high grades and degrees.

3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

This film has a mind-blowing scene with an unbelievable plot twist. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag will uncover your comfortable zone and shows you just a lazy person. Also, you will realize that when you are 25, this world is just a mess and has no meaning. But this film will inspire you to keep going no matter what you faced. Give your time to trying and struggle to catch every dream and make it real.

4. Rockstar

Every people who had a big dream to be a superstar will be related to this film. Rockstar has a storyline about someone who feels love and pain at once to music. He is a talented singer who carries all the pain just to find a feeling of peace in his life. We will carry away with every scene because all of us have the same feeling as the main character. It is okay to carry pain and disappointment alone but keep going and you will find peace eventually.

5. Wake Up Sid

We usually ask what we wanted to do in life or is our choice right. It is a question that only answered by yourself and will never disappear as long as we live. It haunts us like a scary ghost that we always avoid, especially when we have a big choice we can’t pull back. Wake Up Sid will give some enlightenment for us to realize our talents and our liking.

So there are 5 of the best Bollywood movies you should watch. You may have a different movie taste and you may get doubt with those movies. But I will highly recommend you to watch those films because its amazing. There available many more great Bollywood movies you can watch, just search and find them.