Grammy Awards always attract attention from all overside. Be it the fashion of celebrities or the announcement of the winner. But, the one that is talked about the most is the controversies around Grammys. After all, people do love rumors and controversies. All over these years, there are many controversies around Grammys Awards. You may hear some of them. And bellows is the list of Grammys controversies through the years.

grammys controversies through the years

1. The Swept Rap Awards

One of Grammys controversies through the years come in 2014. In that year, there is a group of a rapper who swept all of the rap awards. They are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who won the Best Song Rap, the Best Rap Performance, and the Best Rap Album categories. Winning the Grammy Awards itself is not strange at all. Even so, controversy still floating around.

It is said that the one who should win the Best Rap Album is not the duo, but Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid Maad City. And the controversy about it does not stop at the who-they-thought-should-won-the award, instead, it spread to the duo especially Macklemore. The part of the controversy revolves at the fact that he may be more of a pop singer than pure rapper. Some of them even say that Macklemore being white was attracting attention.

2. Pro-Trump Dress

The fashion style of celebrities never fails to attract controversy. And this time comes from Joy Villa. In the recent Grammy, she always wears a dress that invites controversy. This time she wears a red dress with a white and blue cape. There is a TRUMP letter at the front of her dress. She said that she is a pro-America and conservative person when asked about the dress. This is not the only time where she wore a dress that declares her support for President Trump. And all of her dress sure became one of the controversies in Grammys.

3. No Winner in The Best Artist 1990

In the beginning, Mini Vanilli is the winner of the Best Artist category. But just a few days later, they are stripped off from their title as the winner. The reason for it that it was found out that they didn’t sing even a single note in the recording of their album. Even though Mini Vanilli is no longer a winner of the Best Artist, there is no replacement of the winner in this category. And so, in 1990 no one won the Best Artist category.

4. The Interrupted Speech 

In 2004 Evanescence won the Best New Artist Category. When they’re giving the speech, 50 Cent who lost to them suddenly barged in the stage. He then interrupted the speech by giving flash peace signs at the camera. And after that, he just headed off from the stage.

That’s all about the Grammys Controversies Through The Years. Grammys Awards are still prestigious awards that wanted by every artist. For all these years there are many artists that won the awards and the controversies that follow it. Put aside the controversies, this is one of the most attractive shows on the whole continent.