Actors Who Run For The Office In Indonesia

It is not deniable, that the income of an actor is not little. Whereas, people could earn a lot of money by being an actor.  However, an actor would not always be a star forever. There would be a time that actors would shine less. That is why many actors are starting a new occupation. One of the famous ones is with being a politician. There are more and more actors who run for the office now and become a politician in Indonesia.

actors who run for the office

Being a politician was also a big income. Even though it is not as big as being an actor. Moreover, being a politician is a profession that not only actors want to be, but also regular people as well. The profession has a promising carrier and they would also have more power in the place they are a politician. Here is the list of some actors who run for the office now in Indonesia.

1. Dede Yusuf Effendi

The first actor is Dede Yusuf Effendi. He is a senior actor that is now a politician. His first step as a politician was Deputy Governor of West Java. Dede has joined the Demokrat party. In 2014, he sat on the position as the Chairperson of the IX Commission. The major of the 9th commission is about labor, population, and health. In the past when he was an actor, he had played in many famous movies. Besides an actor, he was also a presenter and a commercial star.

2. Primus Yustisio

Primus Yustisio is also one of the actors who run for the office. He was slightly gone from the television and media, becoming a politician. Primus Yustisio has become a famous starting when he was a teenager until the last previous years. He was starring in more than 15 movies. Not including the commercial and short episodes. Now, Primus has become a PAN politician. Starting from the West Java legislative and now become a DPD member.

3. Rano Karno

Rano Karno, or more know as bang Doel, is also an actor that becomes a politician. We were the governor of the Banten after Ratu Atut Choisiyah. He joined the PDI party and has joined again in the electoral in Banten in 2019. Even though he is active as a politician, Rano Karno has recently launched a new movie.

4. Eko Patrio

Another one of the actors who run for the office is Eko Patrio. In 2019, he has been chosen again to represent the PAN party to be the Indonesian DPR member. When he was active in the entertainment world, he was active as a famous actor and also a comedian.

5. Anang Hermansyah

Anang Hermansyah has also joined the political world as well. However, he is still active in the entertainment world now. Moreover, he is also active as a businessman as well. In the political world, Anang joined the PDI party since 2014.

As a conclusion, some of the actors who run for the office are still active in the entertainment world. However, they are still professional with the job they have. Finishing the task in the political world and serving the public.