Best Broadway Shows All the Time People Must Watch

Broadway music has become a favorite show for many people in the world. Even though the interest of Broadway is not as high as movies, Broadway still is very interesting to watch. Broadway shows have something that movies and other theaters don’t have. They show live shows, sometimes with music and a bit of drama. This is what makes people enjoy watching broadways show rather than ordinary shows. So, from all the shows there is until today which are the best Broadway shows all the time?

Best broadway shows all the time

Broadways show is the perfect entertainment for the whole family to watch. They offer many kinds of stories from friendship, lovers to drama. Even though the story may be standard, but the way they show it makes it more interesting than movies. But one part of Broadway that makes people love their shows the most is the musical shows. Therefore, for those who are looking for some of the best Broadway shows all the time, watch some of these:

1. Lion King

One of the long-lasting Broadway shows that people watch even until today must be the Lion King. A show adapted from the Disney movie Lion King, this is a show that all ages just love to watch. Filled with catchy songs and dramas, the show will never get old and still fun to watch. This can be proven by the number of awards and earnings they have received until today.

2. Mamma Mia

For those who like a bit of drama should watch the Mamma Mia Show! This musical drama is based on the most popular songs from ABBA Mama Mia. This story tells about a young woman that lives only with her mother since she was in her mother’s stomach. Before her big day, she wants to meet her father and invite him to her party. Will she be able to meet her real father before her marriage? Well, you should watch the Broadway show to know the end.

3. Mary Poppins

This musical movie is adapted from a Disney movie people know as Mary Poppin. This is also a very fun and musical show that people can enjoy. The movie is not only entertaining, but it also gives a positive message to always stay positive and work hard. Even though the show has been closed in 2013, the show has been remaking many times in high school production.

4. Hamilton

Looking for a story that contains drama but also has some rap and hip-hop songs in the show? Well, you should watch Hamilton which tells about a founding father. The story contains a combination of rap, hip-hop and soul songs all in one show. So, you can imagine how fun and exciting the story will be. This is sure one of the best Broadway shows all the time that people must watch this year.

5. Beauty and The Beast

If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, then you must also watch the Broadway version. This is just like the movie version but better because you can see the actors alive. The songs from this Broadway show is also very popular and remade many times from singers.

So, these are some of the best Broadway shows all the time that is very recommended. Even though some of the shows have ended, people can watch the remade version in other countries. Don’t forget to sing along with the singers while watching the show.