The Best Romantic Movies for Spring during Quarantine

Feeling lonely and sad? Then you might want to find the best romantic movies for spring to accompany you in your quarantine days. Various people are staying inside their house spending their time either playing video games, making handicrafts, cooking, or watching movies online. 

If you like romance movies then this year’s movie won’t disappoint you. Stay tuned with the best romantic movies for spring list below.

1. To All The Boys I Love: P.S I Still Love You

To all young lovers who like sweet and fluffy romance, then this movie is the perfect choice for you. The first part of the movie named To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before became instantly popular on Netflix during 2018. Lara Jeans played by Lana Condor and her lover Peter Kavinsky played by Noah Centineo. 

 The second part tells us a story about Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s relationship as lovers, additionally, another contestant for Lara Jeans arrived. A handsome man named John Ambrose McClaren appeared to steal her heart. 

2. The Photographs 

If you want to feel emotional and melancholic, then try this movie The Photographs. Starring Isa Rae, an insecure star. Issa Rae will try to connect with Lakeith Stanfield in this genuine romance drama. The insecure star, even with a handsome face kept his heart closed from everyone, while Ayanna is a 17-years old girl who is about to embark on a new college life. 

3. Stargirl

The star from Good Doctor, Graham Verchere now makes his debut with Grace VanderWaal as the main character in Stargirl. This movie was adapted from an award-winning novel about two teenagers learning about each other and themselves in the process. Overall, this movie will be suitable for people who seek for youth fresh romance. 

4. After We Collided

This movie was adapted from Harry Styles fanfiction, it is said that this movie adaptation is similar to the Fifty Shades of Grey series. The critics can say whatever they want, but this movie is apparently popular among teenagers. This steamy romance movie is great for those who like Fifty Shades of Grey. 

5. Chemical Hearts

Chemical Hearts starring Lili Reinhart as the leading protagonist in this lovely romance movie. This movie is adapted from a best selling novel called Our Chemical Hearts, Krystal Sutherland novel. This movie tells us about college life and journalism passion mixed into one. If you’re happened to be a colleague or campus student, then surely this movie will surprise and infatuate you.

6. Ammonite 

Ammonite is an LGBTQ romance story starring Kate Winslet as a Victorian-era fossil hunter. Her love interest Saoirse Ronan will spice the loving relationship between them. Additionally, the author of God’s Own Country is helping with the production of this movie. 

If you’re looking for a fresh new experience of romance, then consider putting this movie in your wishlist. Here is the list of the best romantic movies for spring to fill your quarantine life. Ask your quarantine buddy to watch these great romantic movies with you while relaxing on a nice comfy sofa.